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The php crypt() method stopped working as expected and in none of the other versions of php it works, a few days ago it was working without problems.

$salt = '$2a$07$h0lysh00ter12Urbw1b1$';
$password = 'Holyshooter12!"';

$hashed_password = '$2a$07$h0lysh00ter12Urbw1b1$.DI/mkzqo1aAw5Q3vIvEubNSk5p30Asi';
$cryptPassword = crypt($password, $salt);
$test = password_verify($password, $hashed_password);
var_dump("check: ", $test);

if ($cryptPassword === $hashed_password) {
var_dump("Password verified!");

This code fragment should work but cryp() always returns *0. Note that this has always been working like this and it is not a problem with the code.

if we use php version 7.4
It must be the one where they fix it and if they restart the server it will work for them.

If you copy and paste that code, let it happen here

It seems to work

si haces un poco escroll se encuentra con el boton de ejecuta y si le aparece esto es que funciona por eso ese fragmento de codigo es que esta provocando el error en wibi pero no es por codigo sino algo del servidor